The Dressage Academy is a Not For Profit organisation with two primary goals:

Help a select few of New Zealand’s most talented young riders start to chase the dream of competing internationally by providing international-quality training and removing financial barriers

Train the trainers of tomorrow

Students will leave the Dressage Academy with the ability to:

Earn a living riding and teaching

Establish and run a safe equestrian venture as a result of gaining extensive knowledge of breeding, health & safety, and business basics

Students from all disciplines are accepted

Power is nothing without control

Dressage is the foundation for all Equestrian sports


Sponsors and Benefactors are critical to the Dressage Academy and the board appreciates all donations.

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Apply As Student

I would like to apply to the Dressage Academy

strong commitment
completed School
strong work ethic
min age 16

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Become Benefactor

I would like to become a benefactor of the Dressage Academy

backing an extremely good cause
reward effort/dedication
supporting equestrianism
benefactor days
create trainers
attend events
high involvement

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Become Sponsor

I would like to become a sponsor of the Dressage Academy

strong brand association and coverage
naming rights
sponsor days
web presence
attend events
winning pictures

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2 Spaces Available September 2018

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