Buying a Dressage Horse [Jan 2017]
Buying a Dressage Horse
by Brugs Nicholls

These are the 6 most important things to look for when buying a dressage horse...


The list:

Make sure the horse has good conformation
The horse should ideally be built "uphill" with the hocks underneath them and a strong back.
Balanced clear and natural 3 beat canter with a good walk
A bounce or some suspension in trot is helpful but it is not always about the big trot with horses.
Look at what is going on at the back end and less what is happening in front
The horses back end is their engine; so ideally you want the hind legs to be snappy and quick especially as a youngster.
This power is a good sign they will develop greater collection in the future.
Have a look to see how the horse has been trained
That should give you a clear sign how you are going to manage them.
You can usually tell a fair bit about a horse from their bloodlines
Read up on traits and look up breeding indexes (see a previous post on bloodlines).
A good brain and a trainable horse is always more important than the movement.
If the horse enjoys the work and is "onside" it makes the job of training your horse a lot easier and you can enjoy the horse more.

This is just the basics of what you should look for and there is no substitute for expert advise...

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Dressage Breedlines Explained [Nov 2016]
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