The Dressage Academy cannot exist without the support of Sponsorship.

Sponsors are our life blood.

In partnership with our sponsors, the Dressage Academy will be able to deliver on:

  • Our goal of developing the next generation of New Zealand dressage riders and coaches, and
  • On developing the business knowledge of the Academy riders.

We know that every dollar counts in business and that sponsorship is a business arrangement where both sponsors and recipients must gain mutual benefit. We expect to develop close working relationships with our sponsors to:

  • Ensure that you get what you expect
  • Educate our riders about working with sponsors,
  • Make you feel part of the team on this exciting journey!

As a sponsor, you will be:

  • Recognised as a supporter of the next generation of dressage talent
  • Helping to raise the profile and standard of dressage in New Zealand
  • Removing financial barriers that stop talented, hard-working young people making it to the top
  • Hedging your bets - sponsoring the Academy rather than individual young riders, increases the probability that you will be supporting one of new Zealand's stars of the future
  • Taking advantage of the Dressage Academy's presence at local and national dressage events, as well as the Academy's national and international communications

This table shows the typical levels of sponsorship for financial support.
The Dressage Academy will also be very grateful to be supported "in kind" with products/services.

Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
NZ$50,000 NZ$30,000 NZ$10,000 NZ$any
Naming Rights for one of the young horse
Branding at the Academy
Branding such as signage at the Academy
Detailing of vehicles
Detailing of the Horse Truck(s) and other Vehicle(s)
Request academy students to attend your event.
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Getting the Dressage Academy Started

Before the selection of the next Academy rider, the Dressage Academy needs to raise enough money to cover the cost of the first horse, its care and feeding, and coaching costs for at least a year. We refer to this as the 'Academy viability threshold'.

Sponsorship agreements will be negotiated with this in mind. Some aspects such as press releases and web presence, will take effect immediately on signing. Other aspects of the agreement, such as the provision of goods and services, may be agreed to take effect when the Academy viability threshold has been reached. Any monetary contributions will be held in trust by the Academy's lawyer.

The sponsorship agreement will also detail what will happen in the event that threshold isn't reached.

Request a callback

Request a callback and a representative from the Dressage Academy will contact you using your preferred method.

Callback Request

  • Will I get my money back if no one makes it to the Olympics?
    • No; the aim of the Dressage Academy is to train the riders and trainers of the future; not to win medals (although it would be nice).
  • Can I sponsor my daughter / son to be an Academy rider?
    • No. As the Academy is committed to making these opportunities available to all, selection of riders is based completely on meeting the requirements of becoming an international rider / trainer. You are still more than welcome to become a benefactor or sponsor. Your daughter / son can also become a private student of Brugs if they don't get selected for the Academy.
  • Can I get my money back / end my sponsorship early?
    • Please see the terms & conditions of your agreement with the Academy.
  • I'm a sponsor, can I come and watch the Academy at work any time I like?
    • Unfortunately no. For health & safety reasons, and because private students are also being trained at the centre, we request that sponsors call ahead to arrange ad hoc visits. We plan to hold Sponsor-only Open Days several times each year at which Academy horses and riders will show their stuff!
  • As a sponsor, can I sponsor for just one year and see how the Academy goes?
    • Absolutely. Every sponsor helps move us towards our target. Obviously we'd like multi-year agreements as this gives more certainty to the Academy's future. Each sponsorship agreement is individually negotiated and we can include conditions such as right to renew.
  • As a sponsor, do I own an Academy horse?
    • No. Your very valuable sponsorship is enabling the Academy to get started. We plan in a few years to become self funding through the Academy Riders coaching their own students and by selling trained Academy horses that are not required for current or future Academy riders.
  • How do I know that my sponsorship is being well spent?
    • There is a Board of Trustees whose role it is to provide oversight governance to the Academy. All key decisions will be made by the Board. Academy structure, governance, board meeting Minutes, ... are all available for inspection.
  • Can I get a refund on my sponsorship money?
    • If you're at all unhappy with the way things are running or the return you're getting on your sponsorship dollar, please talk to one of the Academy's directors.

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