A letter from Sophie Griffith

I started with Brugs at the age of 14. I was in year 10 at school and going through that phase of finding out what was more important in life. Thankfully I found Brugs and I have never looked back.

Brugs has not only trained me to ride to Grand Prix she has also help me develop who I am as a person. I feel all children at that age are a little wishy washy, and that was definitely me.

The yard gave me direction, not only in life generally; but also in who I wanted to be as a person. I learnt true dedication, a willingness to learn and to be open to new ideas. When we get on those horses its not just a case of teaching tricks, we form unbreakable bonds not only with the horses but with the team around us. We learn patience, self control and devotion.

Lincoln University
Lincoln University

Through a special arrangement with Lincoln University the Student may be able to gain a university education and may even be entitled to an Elite Sports Scholorship.

External Qualifications
External Qualifications

Students are encouraged, in their own time, to work towards internationally recognised qualifications and support will be given where appropriate.

ESNZ (Equestrian Sports New Zealand) More Information

NZQA (New Zealand Qualifications Authority) More Information (search under Equine or Equitation)

IGEQ "Passport" (International Group for Equestrian Qualifications)More Information

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