Tony Herstell

Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
Name:Antony (Tony) Richard Herstell
Home Address:646 Grange Road Christchurch RD7 7677 New Zealand
Home Phone:+64 3 595 0215
Mobile Phone:+64 21 302 302
Email (work)
Date of Birth:6th May 1966
Academic Qualifications
Bachelor of Science (Honours) – Microelectronics and Computing University of Wales (Aberystwyth)
Other Qualifications
Car, Motorbike and Truck (Class 2) License
Private Pilot License
Offshore Day Skippers License
Tony has had considerable experience in Software Engineering as a Business Owner, Freelance Software Consultant and Full Time Employee.
During this time; it became apparent that Tony has an aptitude for capturing requirements quickly and being able to turn these requirements into solutions that meet the strategic roadmap for the company and satisfy the needs of the stakeholders.
Tony has a natural ability to liaise between numerous teams involved in any enterprise. Much to his credit Tony has also shown an aptitude to design very user friendly user interfaces given difficult problem domains.
Tony has worked in various roles from Developer, through Technical Business Analyst and Systems Designer, Architect to Project Manager and as can be seen below.
Dates:1 May 2018
Work Style:Presentation at RBNZ

Tony was invited to present about Crypto Currency, Blockchain and mining to the Reserve Bank Of NZ.